iWhite Instant Whitening Mouthwash

500 ml
IW Mouthwash
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  • Instant whitening effect after 1 use
  • Removes plaque and helps to prevent new plaque formation
  • Fresh breath
  • Daily use
  • Triple-action whitening technology
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iWhite's mouthwash is giving you instant whiter teeth

Immediate shining and whiter teeth after using a mouthwash, is that even possible? Thanks to iWhite's Triple-action Whitening Technology, it is possible.

These three actions consist of:

  1. Blue covarine: this will instantly whiten the teeth
  2. Hexametaphosphate will remove plaque and will protect your teeth against new plaque
  3. PAP will actively whiten your teeth

iWhite's Mouthwash is easy-to-use and demands no preparation. You can use it daily and you don't need to rinse your mouth afterwards with water.

Check out your perfect teeth whitening routine
Three reasons why you should use mouthwash EN

Wondering why you should use a mouthwash daily? Here are some reason to start right now.

  1. It whitens your teeth immediately

  2. It removes plaque on your teeth and prevents the formation of new plaque

  3. It strengthens and remineralises your teeth

To achieve the best whitening results, it's important to maintain a routine. You can combine our mouthwash with several other products as a daily whitening treatment.

Customer reviews

15 reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
Excellent product

30 May 2019


Reasonably priced, delivered early and exceptional value for money. No problem with recommending

it works

26 May 2018

Amazon Customer

it works

Really good stuff to be honest it’s my second bottle u ...

16 March 2018

Nicola willis

Really good stuff to be honest it’s my second bottle u gotta put in mouth and brush my teeth with it in your mouth for best results also u can drink after using this

Four Stars

16 February 2018

Amazon Customer

It is a good toothpaste

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